Charles L Baker 1934

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Born Aug 10th 1934, Died Dec 14th 2014

Clouse Cemetery , Knox County Kentucky

Charles L Baker 1934

Cemetery is located at Bailey Switch. Turn left if you are heading south on the parkway toward Barbourville, at the RECC plant make the left and follow the road. Road gets narrow. This is a complete listing of the cemetery in 2014.
Established in 1888. A folk tale passed down; Patrick Disney was hunting with his Clouse friend and they were resting under a tree where the cemetery is now located. Disney said to his friend that he wished he could be buried there when he died. Rumor has it that his Clouse friend saw that the wish was fulfilled.


Charles L Baker 1934

Born Aug 10th 1934, Died Dec 14th 2014

Clouse Cemetery, Knox County Kentucky

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