Kentucky Revised Statutes Cemeteries

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Kentucky Revised Statutes Cemeteries
Kentucky Revised Statutes Cemeteries

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3.060 Zachary Taylor burial grounds ceded. View

39A.350 Definitions for KRS 39A.350 to 39A.366 View

61.350 Cemetery companies and burying grounds, penalty for failure to enforce laws relating to. View

67.680 County cemetery board. View

67.682 County cemetery fund — Administrative regulations relating to county cemetery board. View

97.540 Condemnation of property by city for parks or cemeteries. View

140.090 Deductions allowed from distributive shares. View

147A.002 Department for Local Government — Organization — Commissioner. View

148.874 Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail — Boundaries — Connecting or side paths — Support facilities — Limit to non-motorized uses — Cemeteries and burial grounds. View

148.161 Civil War cemeteries, maintenance, acquisition by department — Expenditures limited. View

148.878 Limitations on activities within boundaries of trail — Motorized vehicles — Permissible land uses — Ingress and egress — Roads — Rights of persons from whom property acquired — Permit for change of use. View

171.388 Kentucky Register of Heritage Farms. View

273.150 Board of incorporated cemetery to make annual report. View

273.990 Penalties. View

304.12-240 Regulations relating to payment and disclosure by life insurers when funds are used for pre-need funeral contracts or pre-arrangements. View

307.300 Improperly interred body or cremated remains. View

342.650 Exemptions of particular classes of employees from coverage. View

350.085 Denial of permits and operations — Deletion of land areas. View

351.175 Provisions concerning license to operate mine — Submissions required for license — Revocation of license. View

367.4915 Activities exempt from KRS 367.4905 to 367.4917. View

367.93101 Definitions for KRS 367.93101 to 367.93121. View

367.93103 Funeral planning declarations. View

367.93105 Declaration may specify declarer’s preferences. View

367.93109 Immunity from liability for actions based on good-faith reliance on a declaration. View

367.932 Definitions. View

367.934 Pre-need payments and increments as trust funds — Conditions required for disbursements. View

367.946 Registration of person selling cemetery merchandise and every cemetery company — Fee — Annual report. View

367.948 Records of registrants. View

367.950 Audit by special auditor hired by Attorney General — Cost of audit to be taxed as court costs. View

367.952 Perpetual care and maintenance — Creation of funds by cemetery companies — Required payments — Local government exemption — Termination, distribution, and use of funds in local government trust fund. View

367.954 Forty percent of funds paid for cemetery merchandise to be held in trust for purchaser until delivery — Bond in lieu of trust fund. View

367.956 Return of deposits, plus income thereon, in cases of default on part of seller. View

367.958 Sale of mausoleum or underground crypts or columbaria. View

367.960 Temporary facilities. View

367.962 Allocation of payments — Increase of gross sale price prohibited. View

367.964 Consumer security account. View

367.970 Ninety-day completion date on installing foundations — Excusable delay. View

367.972 Powers of Attorney General. View

367.97501 Definitions for KRS 367.97501 to 367.97537. View

381.697 Cemeteries maintained by legal owners. View

381.715 Burial rights in cemetery lots — Abandonment — Resale by cemetery. View

381.720 Abandoned cemetery in cities — Proceedings to vest title in city. View

381.740 Assertion of claim to compensation for value of interest in cemetery or lot. View

381.750 Judgment — Removal of bodies and monuments. View

381.755 Removal of grave or cemetery on application of landowner or county — Procedure — Expenses. View

382.135 Statement of consideration or market value and mailing and in-care-of addresses required in deed to real property — Exceptions — Affidavit of personal representative — Clerk prohibited from filing non-compliant deed. View

416.210 Right of burial association or corporation to condemn land for cemetery — Governmental approval needed — Procedure. View

433.904 Requirements for purchase of restricted metals by secondary metals recycler — Cash transactions prohibited — Payment to be made by check — Daily reports to sheriff and police — Confidentiality of information — Proof of ownership of restricted metals — Applicability. View

525.055 Disorderly conduct in the first degree. View

525.115 Violating graves. View

525.155 Interference with a funeral. View