Bullock Family Cemetery

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Rockcastle County Ky

Lester Bullock Bullock Family Cemetery, Rockcastle County Ky
Lester Bullock, Bullock Family Cemetery, Rockcastle County Ky

Cemetery General Information

Bullock Family Cemetery

  • LOCATION: Start in Mt. Vernon, KY, at the intersection of routes #150 and #1249. Go south on #1249 8.5 miles to Pitman Hill Road (first road on right after crossing the bridge over West Fork of Skeggs Creek). Go up Pitman Hill Road 1.2 miles to cemetery on left. Located at Kinkaid Ridge. Raspberry Cemetery is the neighbor to this Cemetery.

Bullock Amanda 1887-1967,

Bullock Ben 1944-1944,

Bullock Billy 1936-2009,

Bullock Cecil 1908-1977

Bullock Doyle 1938-2005,

Bullock (G M) George Milton 1884-1920

Bullock Glenn 1944-1944

Bullock Janie Bea 1904-1985

Bullock Kenneth 1963-2009,

Bullock Lando 1903-1952,

Bullock Lester 1924-2005,

Bullock Lucy Skeems,

Bullock Martina 1949-1949,

Bullock Monroe 1929-1995,

Bullock Pearl 1909-2000,

Bullock Ronald 1941-1941,

Russell Bullock March 22 1932- February 12 2018, (Cremated)


Fletcher Jean R Born January 6 19? Died April 8th 20?,


McClure Janet Kay Bullock 1948-2001

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