Wynn Bluff Cemetery (Rockcastle)

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Wynn on the Bluff Cemetery, Rockcastle County Kentucky

Wynn Bluff Cemetery (Rockcastle)

Wynn Bluff Cemetery (Rockcastle)

Cemetery Information

  • Wynn Bluff Cemetery LOCATION: Start at Conway, KY, at the intersection of route #25 and Route #1505. Take #1505 across the overpass over 1-75. Immediately turn right on #2787. Go .5 mile to road on left. Turn left and go .1 mile to a house and park car. Climb fence behind the house. Walk up the steep hill (there is a remnants of a road and a 4-wheel drive vehicle might pull it) about .1 mile. The cemetery is at the top of the hill. It is behind the house and on a bluff. The cemetery was fenced and the weeds were high. Some stones may have been missed. The fenced area is about one acre so many people may be buried here.


  • Huff Eliza, died 27 September 1928 no other information


  • McKnight Floyd, 6 Mar 1886 – 10 May 1942


  • Wynn Cynthia, 1862 – 1942
  • Wynn Johnathan, 1862 – 1920
  • Wynn Mary, 21 Jul 1894 – 3 Sep 1922
  • Wynn Otis E., 10 Apr 1905 – 3 Jun 1925

Wynn Bluff Cemetery