Trosper Cemetery

Trosper Cemetery Knox County Ky at Gray

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Trosper Cemetery, Knox County
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Trosper Cemetery General Information;

  • Cemetery is located on the south side of 25 near the 233 intersection. It sits on a small hill near the parkway.

Crotty Bertha H., 1910/2005

Crotty Maurice L., 1898/1969

Fox Mary Margaret, 1942/1996

Hibbard Ara A., 1885/1961

Hibbard Clarence “Dick”, 1924/1981

Hibbard Robert H., 1880/1973

Shelton Billy J., 1942/1995

Shelton Effie, 1903/1984

Shelton Parker, 1908/?

Steele E. G., 1880/1948

Steele Wert L., 1907/1958

Taylor Alex A., 1903/1987

Taylor Jettie B., 1901/1979

Trosper Wm. Ernest, 1887/1963

Trosper Zora B., 1893/ ?